The consent must be received freely and explicitly from the natural person and the Controller must be able to prove that has received it.

In 2016, the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, also known as the GDPR, and entered into force in May 2018.

Its purpose is to ensure control by natural person of the processing of their personal data by organizations-companies.

One of the basic principles of the Regulation is the Principle of Legality of processing, such as the satisfaction of the need for proof by those who process personal data regarding the legal act of processing. It can be based, among other things (legal interest, the conclusion of a contract, legal obligation, performance of a public duty), and on the consent of a natural person.

Purpose of Consent Me

The purpose of this project is to develop an integrated consent management system, through which the Controller will be able to prove its receipt and its correlation with corresponding other actions.

Research Project

Consent Me is a research project, with code T2EDK-02902 and title “Development of Consent Management System (ConsentMe)”

Project Integration

The project is part of the National Action “Research, Create, Innovate” and is funded by the Operational Program “COMPETITIVENESS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION” (EPANEK) 2014-2020


It is co-financed by the European Union, and in particular by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Greek State, through the EYD EPANEK

Work Packages

WP1: Determination of required technical requirements of the system based on the needs of the Users:

In this work package, there is a detailed description of use cases and validation plan, the analysis of operational requirements and operating conditions as well as the design of system architecture will be made.

WP2: Database and interfaces creation, where will collect and record consents:

The database will be able to connect via official APIS technologies to other consent channels. For example, a landing page, an email or SMS campaign, a phone call.

WP3: Development of a quality rating system for consent channels through KPIs:

This work package, will evaluate the receipt of consents and their connection with the sales of the private sector, which will contribute to a better and safer use of receipt channels consent.

WP4: The development of the integrated consent system Consent Me:

In this work package, the design and implementation of the system, the installation of pilots and the implementation of use cases and validation actions will be carried out.

WP5: Consent Me participation in trade fairs:

In this work package, there is necessary actions for the participation of the partnership in two international and two national trade fairs will be implemented, to highlight and promote the system.

WP6: Consent Me Innovation Actions:

In this work package, there are all the necessary actions that will be implemented for the submission and receipt of a patent for the technology that will be developed and the system.

WP7: Elaboration study of commercial exploitation:

In this work package, there is a detailed study of the viability of the project will be prepared while at the same time the strategy of commercial utilization will be outlined.

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