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SaaS Platform

System is hosted in cloud and Controller doesn't charge with upgrade, maintenance and security updates.

Consent Validation

The natural person that discourse with public and private services has the ability to manage and search its privacy data every moment.

Consent Management

Controller can easily demonstrate obtaining consent, manage the same person’s consent from different channels.


Controller has the ability to check the performance, such us number of consents, obviation of consents, performance of every channel, economic performance, etc.

GDPR Compliant

All appropriate organizational and technical data protection measures are taken, in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Because the system is hosted in cloud (SaaS), the environment of system is virtual, so it has the ability to be adaptive in every available device and software.

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Use Case Scenarios

Στήσιμο Καμπάνιας

Create Campaign

Controller wants to create a campaign in the Consent Me.

Χειροκίνητη εγγραφή συγκαταθέσεων

Manual Consents

Controller of system wants to save consents that has collected manual in the Consent Me.

Διαχείριση συγκαταθέσεων

Consents Management

Controller wants to manage consents that has save in the Consent Me.

Υπολογισμός απόδοσης

Measure Performance

Controller of the system wants to measure performance of consents in the Consent Me.

Διαχείριση καναλιών

Channels Management

Controller of the system wants to manage external channels from which consents are received.

Διαχείριση και αναζήτηση προσωπικών δεδομένων

Management and Search of Privacy Data

User of the system wants to manage and search his consents.




The legal basis for processing set out in Article 6 of the GIP is the consent of the person being processed.



Respect and security to user data.

Ανθρώπινο Δικαίωμα

Human Right

Every person has the right to have access to the data that collect and concerns it and it can transform them.

is a research project, with code T2EDK-02902 and title “Development of Consent Management System (ConsentMe)”. The project is part of the National Action “Research, Create, Innovate” and is funded by the Operational Program “COMPETITIVENESS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION” (EPANEK) 2014-2020


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