The integration of a Consent Management System provides assistance to the Controller and the natural person that interacting with Organizations. Assists in the collection and management of personal information in a manner consistent with GDPR regulations.

Consent can be obtained from different channels. During a market, an information campaign, an advertising campaign, while browsing a website, etc. The purpose of data collection is to analyze and promote ads to the natural person. Consent is mandatory for the processing of personal data, according to the GDPR. Even for cookies that are embedded in the websites, the consent of the user must be obtained.

The integration of a consent management system is essential for the proper functioning of your website.

Why Consent Management System?

There are several reasons for integrating the Consent Management System. One of the most important is the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation imposed by the European Union.

Many sites have embedded components that have third-party tracking systems. These receive the user’s data without his consent. Then, they sell this data to different advertising companies. A Consent Management System prevents the processing and breach of user data without his consent.

In addition, when purchasing products or services, during an information campaign, an advertising campaign, etc., the consent of the natural person is required. Obtaining consent allows ads and updates to be sent to the user. For this reason, a Consent Management System contributes to the complete and proper management and processing of consents.

An additional reason is that data protection regulations are now constantly evolving around the world. This system is a special solution for the management of consents since it is constantly compliant with the respective regulations.

The Consent Management System gives the user many options when visiting the sites. In addition, it provides the same options to the natural person who interacts with public and private organizations. It asks for its permission to collect its data, use it to send personalized ads and distribute them for other marketing purposes.

On the other hand, the user has the option to accept or reject this request. It is the personal choice of each visitor of a website, or each buyer whether or not to share their information, for the purposes mentioned above.

How does it work;

Most of the time a Consent Management System works as a pop-up on a website. Once someone visits a website, a pop-up window will appear which will give the user various options for using cookies.

Many Organizations use it for different things. Mainly for the possibility that it provides to be able to obtain permission from the visitor of the website for storage, use, or sharing of personal data, but also to prove its receipt.

Additionally, consent can be obtained from different channels. During a physical store purchase, an information campaign, an advertising campaign. The natural person gives his consent so that his data is processed for purposes that have already been mentioned.

In case a natural person does not give his consent, then his data must be deleted and not used for any purpose.

Are you ready to integrate a Consent Management System into your Organization?

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